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· Summer ·

From the plain to the mountain, there's something for everyone!


The high mountain: it is necessary to sweat to reach it, but what a pleasure when we reach the summit! Up there, emotions are more intense, and we feel so far from the plain and from the stressful life !

There is a different way for all levels and all tastes: glacier, ridge, even north face...

From end of June untile end of September
Up to 6 people for summits in snow or ice crossing
In general a single customer for "major routes", ridges or faces


Immerse yourself in the world of high mountain for a few days... an unforgettable experience!

Exceeded the limit of forests, meadows covered with flowers, this is the kingdom of chamois and steinbock. Sometimes the whistle of a marmot frightened by an eagle is heard.

Above, We put on crampons for walking on glaciers.

The "Haute route" is the classic crossing from Chamonix to Zermatt, but other routes in other places are quite possible.

From June to October
Up to 7 people

Rock Climbing

The Bas Valais offers a variety of climbing opportunities. It is possible to climb almost all year!

And if the weather is bad here, thanks to the tunnel of the Grand St Bernard, Aosta Valley is only an hour's drive.

In winter or wet weather, the indoor climbing wall "Vertic Halle" in Saxon allows us to climb dry. This is a good opportunity to improve your climbing technique.

Mainly from April to November, but possible the rest of the year too
Up to 6 people in climbing school
Maximum 2 customers for long routes


When the weather starts to freshen the mood takes us moving to the south discover new lands for climbing or hiking.

The south of France is full of famous climbing sites such Verdon, Ardèche, Dentelles de Montmirail or Calanques...

Northern Italy promises a quick change of scenery. There are many good places such as the nearby Val d'Aosta or Finale Ligure at the edge of the sea.

A little further, the islands of the Corsica and Sardinia offer beautiful rocks and allow hiking in the breathtaking scenery!

All year
Up to 7 people

Via ferrata

What a nice way to discover the verticality.

No need to be an experienced climber, secure routes are accessible to everyone.

All year
Up to 7 people

· Winter ·

Powder snow with or without efforts, according to the desires of each...


Ski rambling

Escape to the tranquility of the mountains in winter and gain altitude with skis.

With "peaux-de-phoques" (seals skins) pasted under the skis, the landscape is revealed slowly, at a human pace. Away from the stress of everyday life, it is the best way to approach the mountain, to enter into its winter calm.

After the effort of the climb, the pleasure of the descent is increased tenfold!

Short walks or major summits, there is something for everyone and all levels.

From December to May, depending on snow conditions
Up to 7 people



Spend some days at the pace of the mountain, getting up early to benefit from the security of hard snow in the morning and enjoy the best spring skiing conditions. Back to the mountain hut early in the afternoon, enjoy the scenery and the quietness of the mountains.

The classic "Haute route", from Chamonix to Zermatt is very famus, both in its usual release (Champex - Verbier - Les Dix) or integral (Grand-Saint-Bernard - Valsorey - Chanrion). Other options exist in various forms (either by changing hut daily or day trips from the same hut).

From March to middle of May , depending on snow conditions
Up to 6 people


Elsewhere ...

When the desire to discover other areas appeared, the Alps are vast and full of beautiful valleys favorable for skiing. The Ötztal Austria, Val Meira Italy, the Clarée valley France... You've heard these names, but where is it really ?

From January to April, depending on snow conditions
Up to 6 people

Cours avalanche

Avalanche rescue

Do you want to know more about Avalanches and ways to prevent it ? You have a shovel and a probe in your bag and you wear a beeper when you go skiing, but you're not sure to use them effectively in the stress of an accident.

I gladly organize for you an instruction, upgrade or Training in the use of these rescue devices. After a theoretical part, we will visit the DVA Park in La Chaux (Verbier) to train in close to reality conditions.

During the winter, preferably early in the season
Up to 8 people


Off pist skiing

Thank to the resort, you arrive quickly and without effort in the middle of the mountains, from there, splendid slopes await you. Then, if you wish to walk with skins, a new slope is offered to you in other small wilder valley!

To enjoy the best conditions of snow, we will choose the areas of Verbier, Entremont, Ovronnaz or somewhere else, looking for the powder or spring snow.

From December to the end of April, according to the snow conditions
Up to 7 people

Verbier - Bas-Valais

Verbier - Bas-Valais

The Verbier resort is worldwide known. Indeed, the ski possibilities are endless there!

There is something for all tastes and all levels. The different orientations and altitude allow beautiful ski throughout the season.

From December to April
Up to 7 people

Oberland bernois

Berner Oberland

The train of the Jungfraujoch is a very nice and impressive gateway to the region. Its vast glaciers provide wonderful hiking and skiing. The high altitude allows us to ski there even in May!

From March to middle of May, according to the snow conditions
Up to 6 people

Cascade de glace

Ice climbing

When the cold temperatures solidifie the rivers, what a pleasure to put the crampons and to take the ice axes to climb these frozen cascades! The purity and the shapes of the ice let us forget the cold which numbs sometimes our fingers.

From November to March, according to the conditions
Up to 4 people



This region is ideal to begin Ski touring. Many peaks readily available allow you to see the Mont-Blanc, the Trient area, the Grand Combin or the Grand Paradiso. The Hospice, right on the pass offers a cozy and comfortable lodging for one or more nights.

From December to April
Up to 6 people

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Enjoy a selection of the best memories of our trips !

What you're looking for may be found in the old photo gallery.

Hiver 2017 - 2018 · Bleu et blanc.

Hiver 2017 · Neige et glace

Hiver 2016 · Souvenirs de l'hiver.

Eté 2015 · Grimpe, alpinisme, trekking

Hiver 2014-2015 · Ski

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Fosco Ratti (I) a écrit le 30.08.2017 à 16h18:

Je suis très satisfait de notre ascension au Mont Dolent (Arête Gallet - déscente par voie normale) du 22-23 août 2017. Ç'a été dur, l'environnement était très sauvage, les rochers très instabiles, peu de neige sur le verglas... ce n'était pas une "autoroute" à la montagne comme beaucoup d'autres voies. Il fallait se découvrir la voie au moment, et ça a été peut-être l'élement qui m'a donné les émotions les plus fortes. Malgré les difficultés et par conséquence ma lenteur, je n'ai jamais aperçu de la tension de ta part, mais seulement un sens de sécurité qui m'a aidé à renforcer ma confiance et à surmonter les difficultés. Peu de personnes connaissent le Mont Dolent, mais pour moi ç'a été une expérience inoubliable et cette montagne sera toujour dans mon coeur. Merci!

Félix a écrit le 13.08.2017 à 20h49:

Magnifique ascension du Vélan ce matin. Conditions plutôt difficiles, neige fraîche inattendue un 13 août, besoin de changer les plans, de s'adapter, de sécuriser. Super job, merci Yvan, magnifique job et super journée, super souvenirs !

Laurence a écrit le 12.04.2015 à 22h37:

Cette Haute Route d'Airolo aux contreforts du Simplon a été magique... Une fois de plus, ce furent 6 jours de rêve dans une ambiance chaleureuse, teintée de solidarité, de respect, d'humour et de contemplation.
Paysages immaculés, sculptures en sucre glace, Alpes à perte de vue... quel ravissement pour les yeux !
Régularité du rythme, paix des cimes, premières hirondelles, plaisir de l'effort et du centrage sur ses pas... quel enchantement pour l'âme !
Merci pour ton art de l'itinéraire, la courbe idéale de ta trace, le choix des pentes sûres, l'instinct de la neige... et j'ajouterai encore les coups de piolet rassurants pour préparer des rails confortables dans les pentes raides et glacées ainsi que des "places d'atterrissage" pour nos conversions parfois scabreuses ;-)
Merci pour tout et à bientôt j'espère !

Maryam a écrit le 21.02.2015 à 20h33:

Thank you Yvan! What a wonderful day, and all due to your excellent guiding! I huffed and puffed up stairway to heaven and it was indeed heaven skiing down!

Chantal a écrit le 27.04.2014 à 14h12:

Réussir à trouver des pentes magnifiques à descendre à la mi-avril...quelle gageur! Et quel professionnalisme! Certaines montées furent plus acrobatiques mais ton sens de l'itinéraire et ton aptitude aux coups de piolet nous ont facilité la marche. Une bien belle semaine tessinoise où la lune brillante nous attendait, comme toi, chaque matin à 5h... Merci pour tout.

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I do not offer collective program, usually groups are already built and I organize a personalized program for them. However, if you are single and would like to join a group, do not hesitate to contact me.

The average daily costs is CHF 645.- According to the length and the difficulty of the route, the conditions of the mountain, the number of participants and the period of the year, the daily costs varie from CHF 550 to CHF 900.-

Special conditions apply concerning the engagement of a guide, the interruption of an excursion for bad weather, the non-observance of an engagement or the time of displacement of the guide. The costs are generally assumed by the client. Download the general conditions (French).

For more details, I suggest you to look at the site of Les Guides de Verbier, the guides office that I work with in Verbier.

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I am born in 1978. When I was young, my parents walked with me in the mountains: walking during the summer and ski rambling during the winter. When I was 13, I discovered the high mountain, thanks to the organisation for the young people of the Swiss Alpine Club.

Then the dream to become mountain guide germinated in my head. I started the course in 1998 and passed the examination to become a guide in 2000. Since then I practise this interesting job and I have a lot of pleasure to go with my clients in the mountains.

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